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For Organizations – You Only Die Once skip to Main Content

Run YODO for Groups in a Live Setting

Perfect for Churches, Retirement Communities, and Social Groups

In a live setting, your groups will not only learn from the course content, they will learn from each other. Group discussion is built into the live version of the course.

When your groups talk through the topics and their end-of-life planning, they’ll come away with more confidence in their plan. This setting builds friendships and strengthens bonds, enriching your community.

On the course guests will cover:

  • Make a thoughtful master plan
  • Prepare your funeral or memorial
  • How to pass on your valuables, traditions, and values
  • Live the rest of your life with grace and gusto
  • Develop a meaningful spirituality

What organizations get on the course

Online Access to All 6 Sessions for the Course Host and for Guests

Run the course’s 6 sessions online. Connect to a TV or other audio/visual equipment to play for large rooms. Your guests also get online access to the course so they can review sessions or make up for missed sessions.

Our Excellent Host Guide will Equip You for Leading YODO for Groups

YODO has been run in some of the US’s largest churches, and we equipped them for hosting 100s of people. Our Host Guide has all you need for leading a live course.

Plus we ship you a copy of Margie Jenkin’s book, You Only Die Once, along with the 2 YODO Host Guides and 2 YODO Guest Workbooks.

Online Course Administration

Our course admin tools let you create and communicate with your course roster.

Promotional Materials Included

Print, post, or project high-quality promotional materials, including postcards, posters, bulletin inserts, and social media images. We’ve even included a promotional plan and timeline. We help you spread the word!

Offer Your Group the Plan of a Lifetime!

Session Details

The You Only Die Once Course is a one of a kind experience based on Margie Jenkins’ books, You Only Die Once and My Personal Planner. The six-week course help you explore and plan for end-of-life issues.

The environment is both personal and lighthearted, helping participants remove future burdens for those they love, while giving the gift of passing on their life values, as well as their valuables. Session topics include:

Session 1—
Benefits of End-of-Life Planning

  • What’s the value of having a plan
  • Possible roadblocks along the way

Session 2—
Thoughtful Planning is a Wonderful Gift

  • Identifying what’s most important to you in your plan
  • Begin developing your personalized End of Life master plan

Session 3—
Preparing Your Grand Finale

  • Preparing for the memorial service

Session 4—
Passing On Your Values & Your Valuables

  • The plan for passing down valuables
  • The plan for transferring your values

Session 5—
Living Bodaciously

  • The plan for building joy in everyday
  • Your bucket list

Session 6—
Spirituality When it Really Counts

  • The role of faith in your personal journey
  • Communicating your values to others

Prepare for life's end with grace and gusto.

Offer Your Group the Plan of a Lifetime!

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