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Unfortunately, enough for many people to achieve the first success turns into a defeat and the beginning of a grand slump. Why does this happen? After all, initially people seem to be doing everything right! And how can this be avoided by remaining successful forever? It’s all about one common mistake …

The trouble is that many people coming to success consider their activity as climbing a lonely mountain, on which the peak, the peak is their result. But they do not think that the lone mountain has only one peak, and wherever they turn – from all sides there will be a decline … Therefore, setting themselves up for a concrete success, as for some final result, a person thereby adjusts himself and the imminent subsequent regression …

Imagine. The person has learned, adjusted himself to a concrete result, planned everything, fulfilled it. And then? .. Confusion! Loss of energy. Well, there is a momentary joy. And what can we do now? The feeling of a “fully fulfilled debt” and “loss of purpose” often leads to severe frustration, which only aggravates the situation.

Having achieved the result, you should not stop

Everything is simple enough. You need to know yourself correctly. Your path to success must be alive and dynamic. And the results, even the most tempting, should be perceived as a step, as an intermediate peak!

For example, my friend didn’t like the life he lives. Everyone thought that he is a loser. He was working on a low-paid job, his wife always blamed him in a lack of money, children didn’t respect him. One day, he was tired of such life and he decided to change it! He risked and did bet on esports. He won. Happiness. A great amount of money, wife’s love and children’s respect turn back to his life. Now he understand, if you doesn’t risk and do nothing – than you achieve nothing and nothing changes in your life. These days he is an owner of the company and he doesn’t think to stop earn money on esports betting! Read more

It’s like a good climber! Conquered the mountain? Do not stop! At once there must be a plan of conquest even higher! And then – again and again! Conquered Everest, the highest mountain in the world? So you need to prepare to conquer “more complex”. Or with some additional conditions!

Having achieved the result, you should not in any case give yourself to stay “the sensation of the summit.” There must be a feeling of a “ladder”. Yes, it’s comfortable. Yes, it just opens a chic look. Yes, you wanted it. But the stairs go further! And she is infinite!

Think about the possibility of humanity. They, by and large, are not limited to anything! Because the universe is infinite. Therefore, in development, creation – there are endless opportunities for growth. And this applies to every single person!

Have you established a company or headed a corporation? Well, is this the limit? You can create new products, master new markets, adjust areas of activity, moving to more promising ones!

If you sow the field, once you collect a good harvest on it and leave it, it will start to overgrown with a weed! But, if you make a decision to process it further, there will be no perfection to perfection!

The greatest athlete who broke the world record, if he immediately throws it all, will sit down and will sit, in a matter of months from the strong man become a weak sick man!

Therefore, one of the most important formulas for success, which you need not only to understand, but feel every cell of your body, sounds like: “Success is a movement”!

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