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All you need for end-of-life planning

On the course you’ll cover:

  1. Why start planning now
  2. Making a thoughtful master plan
  3. How to prepare your funeral or memorial
  4. How to pass on your valuables, traditions, and values
  5. How to live the rest of your life with grace and gusto
  6. Developing a meaningful spirituality

Lead the course for a live group

We equip you with all you need to host a live course. You get a Host Kit and access to quality promotional materials. Perfect for churches, retirement communities, and other organizations.

Course Guests benefit from group discussions

Around the table everyone gets to share their observations and insights. Guests learn from each other and they learn through self-discovery. The strength of the live course is the group discussion.

Run the YODO Course from your laptop

Our website provides all you need to run the course. Run videos, download forms, and download promotional materials.

Guest kits include Margie's book, YODO Planner, and YODO Workbook included

Each Guest Kit includes a copy of Margie Jenkin’s book, You Only Die Once, along with the YODO Planner and Workbook.

Stop Putting It Off And Start Planning It Out!